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Art in a Flash is a series from Frame&Flame that offers a concise roundup of the week's standout artists, pivotal collections, and key market shifts.

This week’s Art in a Flash includes:

  • 🌟 Rising Artists: Meet the unique and intimate world of Rebecca Ness, whose paintings capture everyday life with remarkable detail and emotion.

  • πŸ‘€ Collector's Corner: Tianyue Jiang's journey from Christie's VP to founder of Les Yeux Art Foundation, focusing on female figurative painters.

  • πŸ’­ Your Questions Answered: Analyzing the rise of Hong Kong and Paris as pivotal markets for high-value art auctions and their impact on the global art scene.

  • πŸ”— Market Stories: Catch up on the latest buzz – Japan's innovative art collaborations, India's art fair resurgence, surprising shifts in New York's auction scenes, and the ever-changing dynamics of the global gallery network.

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🌟 Rising Artists

Rebecca Ness, Heartbreak at Ginger’s: Heading Out (2022)

πŸ€” What you need to know: Born in 1992 in Salem, Massachusetts, Rebecca Ness is a contemporary artist known for her unique approach to painting. Ness, a Yale School of Art MFA graduate, has been making waves with her work that captures the essence of daily life and personal moments. Her paintings, often featuring scenes from her personal life and studio, are a mix of the mundane and the intimate, offering viewers a window into her world. Her style is characterized by detailed rendering of objects, with a particular focus on Americana and the everyday items that define our lives.

βœ… Recent career milestone: Ness's career has been on a steady ascent with numerous solo and group exhibitions. Notable recent shows include "Art Cologne" in Germany, "Threads" in Seoul, and "Studio Visitor" in New York. Her work has been collected by prestigious institutions such as the Yale University Art Gallery, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, and the Albertina Museum in Vienna. These accolades and her consistent presence in significant exhibitions speak volumes about her growing influence in the contemporary art scene.

😍 Why I Like It: What's compelling about Ness's work is how she turns ordinary scenes into extraordinary canvases. Her ability to capture the intricacies of everyday life, from a cluttered basement to a pile of books, is remarkable. These aren't just paintings; they're stories told through the lens of someone who sees the beauty in the ordinary. Her attention to detail, especially in rendering labels and logos, adds a layer of realism and relatability. This, combined with her exploration of American culture and personal narratives, makes her work not just visually appealing but also culturally and emotionally resonant. Rebecca Ness is definitely an artist to watch, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary life and art.

🧐 Collector's Corner

πŸ” Collector Close-Up: Tianyue Jiang, originally from China and now based in New York, has carved out a distinctive niche in the art world. Formerly a vice president at Christie’s and a director at Kasmin Gallery, she's shifted gears to focus on supporting female figurative painters. Jiang's journey into art collecting began with her fascination for Chinese art, including the works of Cai Guo-Qiang and Zao Wou-Ki. In recent years, she's branched out, adding contemporary women artists from around the globe to her collection. She and her husband, Dr. Ning Lin, are turning their New York residence into an art haven, blending contemporary narratives with personal emotions. Jiang's unique approach to collecting art is deeply rooted in visual impact, often favoring works that resonate personally rather than just listening to market buzz.

πŸ’ŽKey Artists in the Collection:

  • Rebecca Ness: A contemporary American artist, Ness is known for her intimate and detailed paintings that often feature scenes from everyday life.

  • Emma Webster: Webster's art is characterized by its vibrant and surreal landscapes.

  • Chloe Wise: A Canadian artist, Wise is renowned for her playful yet thought-provoking works that often explore themes of consumerism and identity.

  • Katherina Olschbaur: Olschbaur, an artist known for her powerful and emotive figurative paintings, brings a dynamic and expressive energy to Jiang's collection. Her work often delves into themes of femininity and the human experience.

  • Amanda Baldwin: Baldwin's work is celebrated for its vibrant abstract compositions.

  • Molly Greene: Greene's paintings are notable for their serene and contemplative qualities.

  • Bambou Gili: Gili's work is distinguished by its exploration of color and form.

  • Haley Josephs: Josephs is known for her vibrant and often whimsical paintings that explore themes of femininity and mythology.

  • Nadia Waheed: Waheed's work often features bold, figurative elements and explores themes of cultural identity.

  • Sara Anstis and Louisa Gagliardi: Both artists are celebrated for their unique and distinctive approaches to contemporary art. Anstis is known for her playful and provocative figurative works, while Gagliardi's digital paintings blend the traditional with the modern, offering a fresh take on contemporary art.


β€œUse your eyes, rather than your ears. The more you see, the broader your horizons will be”

Shared by Tianyue Jiang in an interview

πŸ’­Β Your Questions Answered

This week's focus shifts to the burgeoning art markets of Hong Kong and Paris, particularly in the context of high-value art auctions. This leads to a critical question that has implications for collectors, investors, and market analysts alike.

How have Hong Kong and Paris emerged as significant auction markets for trophy lots, and what does this mean for the global art market?

Hong Kong's market for high-value artworks experienced a significant surge in 2021, but saw a notable decline in both 2022 and 2023. The city's auction scene, especially for works priced above $10 million, reflected broader economic trends in the region, including fluctuations in supply and the overall Chinese macroeconomy. This downturn, after a period of exceptional growth, raises questions about the sustainability and long-term trajectory of Hong Kong's position in the high-end art market​​.

In contrast, Paris has been steadily gaining momentum in this arena. The city marked its entry into the trophy lot market relatively recently, with its first major sale in 2021. Paris then experienced a substantial increase in its trophy lot sales in 2022, showcasing its potential as a growing hub for high-value art auctions. However, the absence of significant sales in 2023 suggests a level of unpredictability and highlights the challenges faced by emerging markets in maintaining a consistent presence in the high-stakes realm of trophy lot sales​​.

These developments in Hong Kong and Paris are indicative of a larger, more dynamic shift in the global art market. They reflect not just changes in collector preferences or financial strategies, but also the evolving geographical landscape of the art world. The performance of these cities in the trophy lot sector serves as a barometer for broader market trends, revealing the increasing importance of diverse global centers in shaping the future of high-value art auctions. This shift underscores the need for collectors and investors to adapt to a rapidly changing market, where traditional centers like New York and London are no longer the sole focal points of high-end art sales​​.

In summary, the emergence of Hong Kong and Paris as key players in the auction market for high-value artworks signals a significant shift in the global art landscape. This trend necessitates a reevaluation of traditional market strategies and highlights the increasing relevance of diverse global perspectives in the art world.

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πŸ”— Market Stories

  • 🌏 At Japan's Art Collaboration Kyoto (ACK) third edition, the fusion of international and Japanese galleries under a unique partnership model garnered solid sales and stellar reviews. This approach could redefine collaborations in the art market.

  • πŸ“† The India Art Fair is making a comeback in New Delhi for its 15th edition, poised for February 1-4, 2024. It's not just another fair; with 100 exhibitors, including 18 international and 10 first-time South Asian institutional participants, the fair is introducing a Design section that marries contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship.

  • πŸ”₯ Sotheby's Emily Fisher Landau evening sale turned heads with its record-breaking $406.4 million total, a testament to the power of single-owner collections. The sale, led by Picasso's Femme Γ  la montre, underscored the enduring allure of masterpieces in the art auction world.

  • 🎨 Christie's 21st-century evening sale in New York marked a shift in trends as newer works overshadowed traditional blue-chip pieces. This divergence could signal changing tides in collector preferences.

  • 🌍 The gallery scene is witnessing dynamic shifts with Kenyan painter Kaloki Nyamai joining James Cohan and Zhao Gang linking up with Lisson Gallery. These moves reflect the evolving landscape of artist representation.

  • πŸš€ Sharis Alexandrian's move to Gagosian as international director in London signifies a noteworthy transition in her career, promising new developments in the gallery's international outreach.

  • πŸ—½ Tribeca's art scene continues to flourish with JDJ's new space at 370 Broadway. This is indicative of the neighborhood's growing significance in New York's art world.

  • πŸ₯ The Louvre's efforts to acquire Jean SimΓ©on Chardin’s Basket of Wild Strawberries reflect its commitment to preserving national heritage, bolstered by LVMH's substantial financial support.

  • 🌐 Nadia Abdelkaui's appointment as curator of modern art at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam heralds new curatorial directions and an infusion of fresh perspectives.

  • 🏺 The British Museum's ongoing investigation into the theft of Greek and Roman antiquities reveals complex layers of historical custodianship and underscores the challenges of protecting cultural heritage.

  • πŸ–ΌοΈ The U.S. federal court's decision in favor of William Nile Elam III over Norman Rockwell works from the White House collection underscores the complexities and emotive nature of art inheritance and legal disputes.

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